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Love, Light, and the Moments

In Between

The beauty of your wedding will be found in its nuances. From large and loud moments, to small and quiet gestures, and whether planned or unplanned, there is a rich, layered sequence of events that will reflect the love and devotion between you and your spouse-to-be. 

It’s this sequence of events and your day to experience. It’s my job to document it. To capture your story, I’m always on the hunt for love, light, and the intimate moments in between. Emotion-first, romantic, and timeless, my approach balances tradition with soul-stirring imagery. 


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Hi, I'm Jamerlyn

I believe in living fearlessly.

Equal parts unapologetic dream chaser and admirer of beautiful things, the path to where I am today has not been the straightest.

I've always been sensitive to the art of beauty. When I was a teenager, this meant a passion for writing and drawing. When I was in college, it transformed into a love of the French language. When I graduated from college, this blossomed into a love of film and photography. 

The one constant for me has always been the power of an image, still or moving. I've studied photos and watched movies that I've felt in my gut. 

These days, I'm running a wedding photography business and dreaming bigger than I ever have, laughing harder than I can remember, and making more boss moves all while jamming to 90's R&B and being addicted to reruns of Martin and I Love Lucy. 



Collections begin at $2,600

You didn’t find your spouse-to-be without looking and the same holds true for your wedding photographer. You have a right to view this as another commitment — one that will create images that preserve memories and pass from one generation to the next. 

As you peruse my site and get to know more about me and my style, I hope you recognize a vision that excites your senses and an experience that puts you at ease. 

I promise great care, fun, and a little magic!




Kind Words

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